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Our Story

The word Candi is not just candy with an i, but the nickname of the most inspirational person I’ve ever met, Candice. When she was 16, Candice was diagnosed with cancer. However, Candice turned her diagnosis into a call to action to live life to the fullest, and even though she passed away young, her drive and strength led her to live a life full of adventure and happiness. That’s why I created this business; I want to bring people the joy that Candice brought into mine. As a mother of two twin boys, I constantly work to inspire my boys the same way Candice inspired me, and I hope that my candy can inspire you (and also satisfy your sweet tooth along the way).


I HIGHLY recommend Grace’s Candi Customs LLC! The customer service is out of this world and that’s one thing I’m big on so that’s a BIG plus for me! Order was on time, very detailed and amazingly delicious!! I give this business a 10 out of 10 hands down!!! Thanks so much for my order will definitely be ordering again soon!!

I can’t recommend them enough! The treats are absolutely beautiful & taste amazing! My family and I LOVED them and have told everyone we know to give you a call! You won’t be disappointed!

I highly recommend Grace’s Candi Customs LLC. She was very professional, responsive, and provided overall excellent customer service. Once I received my order, I was even more impressed with the details and the entire display. If I could rate this business a 10 out 10, I would with no hesitation. Thank you so much and we will definitely make another purchase soon! ** I can provide more if needed.

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